Rector Kutluhan: “October 29th is the day when our National Unity and Solidarity Based on the Sovereignty of the Noble Turkish Nation is Crowned!”


“The Turkish Nation is a nation with a glorious history that acted with the slogan of 'Independence or Death' and fought for this cause. Today is the day when the power of faith, solidarity and determined stance of a nation, which our beloved nation cried out to the whole world after the War of Independence, a struggle for existence, reached a republic-based form of government!

Recognizing no power above its own free will, Anatolia was able to keep its spirit, which gave life to our Republic, upright with its blood and soul. As an example to oppressed nations, it has been able to persevere in maintaining its own existence.

Behind our form of government, which has become the symbol of today's democratic will, there is a real heroism that formed the identity of the nation with a great struggle. Because the Turkish Nation found the strength it needed in the noble blood in its veins and showed this in every corner of Anatolia.

Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who showed us once again with the phrase "The administration that best suits the character and customs of the Turkish Nation is the administration of the Republic", entrusted this administration to the youth with the task of keeping our ancient history and homeland alive forever.

Acting with the vision of being a guide in education and science, we must work tirelessly to protect our Republic, which was won despite great difficulties, to make our country stronger, and to raise a productive generation devoted to its homeland, nation and spiritual values. For this reason, the most meaningful value that a society that always sees reason and science as its light will add to our Republic is, of course, the steps it will take to rise above the level of contemporary civilizations.

With these feelings and thoughts, we celebrate the 99th anniversary of our 29 October Republic Day with my sincere wishes; I commemorate with love, respect and gratitude all our martyrs and veterans, especially the founder of our Republic, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and his comrades in arms, who made us experience these proud moments."



Prof. Dr. Ahmet KUTLUHAN

Pamukkale University Rector



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