Rector Kutluhan: “July 15 is the Name of a Glorious Struggle”


Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan published a message on the occasion of "July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day". Rector Prof. Dr. Kutluhan made the following statements in his message:

“Six years have passed since the treacherous coup attempt of the FETO/PYD terrorist organization, which aimed at the unity and solidarity of our beloved nation, our democracy and national will. However, the candid struggle of our heroic nation with men and women, young and old, still maintains its warmth in our minds. This determination, which has been inherited from our ancestors to us from the period of the National Struggle to the present and has been embroidered on our entire being, should never be forgotten, and it is a guarantee that we, as the Turkish Nation, will be in these lands forever."

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