“Quad Summit for Our Exalted Plane Trees” Was Held


The "Quad Summit for Our Exalted Plane Trees" event organized by Pamukkale University I'm With the Exalted Plane Trees Community was held online.

At the "Quad Summit for Our Exalted Plane Trees" event moderated by Community Advisor Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Çetişli Korkmaz, Pamukkale University I'm with the Exalted Plane Trees Group President Sercan Yıldız first defined the purpose of the establishment of the group. Sercan Yıldız stated that members of the community are people who believe that every individual should spend the most precious stage of his life, in the best possible way, in a healthy, independent and psychologically good way, and set out to benefit from the experiences of the elderly people whom they see as great plane trees and to better understand them. Stating that they are very happy to be able to help them by transferring the valuable information they will gain and learn from this event to their professional lives as well as to the individuals around them in social terms. Yıldız thanked all the members and distinguished speakers who contributed to the realization of the event.

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