Prof. Dr. Haytoğlu: “The Republic is not just a regime for us, it is also our state's and our very existence.”

A video conference was held by Pamukkale University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, History Department Head Prof. Dr. Ercan Haytoğlu on the occasion of 29 October Republic Day, which is celebrated for its 99th anniversary this year.

Starting his speech by mentioning the meaning and origin of the word Republic, Prof. Dr. Ercan Haytoğlu: “The root of the word republic is the word 'public'. Cumhur means the people, the public and the crowd. When we say republic, the regime belonging to the people is understood. It is one of the accepted forms of government in our republican age. This regime has two basic features: aristocratic republic and democratic republic. When we say what a republic is in the administrative structure, it is a system in which the head of state is determined by election in a narrow scope. In a broad sense, it is a system in which those who have a say in the administration of the people, including the head of state, are elected by election."

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