PAU's Project to Be a Clinical Key in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Supported by the Turkish National Agency within the scope of European Union Erasmus+ Program Cooperation Partnerships in Vocational Education, the opening meeting of the project titled "Clinical Key for Electrical Stimulation in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation", led by Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Çetişli Korkmaz, was held at the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Çetişli Korkmaz said: “Electrical stimulation has been widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation disciplines for neuromodulation, strengthening, pain and somatosensory management for many years. Although electrical stimulation approaches are widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, their mechanisms of action are still not fully known and there is no standardization even in naming, although they have different definitions. The lack of standardized protocols for electrical stimulation for physiotherapists and the differences in parameters cause this approach to not be used effectively, affect the clinical decision-making process, and insufficient evidence in the literature for practice.

This project is also supported as a relevant partner by national and European professional associations such as the Physiotherapists Association of Estonia, Romania, Lithuania and Turkey, who report that there are regional differences in vocational training and knowledge transfer from universities in Europe and believe in the importance of providing additional training to their stakeholders in completing their professional skills. The project has been planned for the needs of undergraduate/master/doctorate students, academic professionals, physiotherapists, supervisors, researchers, and national and international physiotherapy associations. With this project, it is aimed to provide a common and international language for electrical stimulation in physiotherapy and rehabilitation education and practice on a European scale. The project will also support vocational education and training through digital and hybrid education for excellence. The CK4Stim project is expected to have scientific, academic, economic and social consequences. Within the scope of the project, distance education material, guidebook, web page and mobile application will be developed, which will be the clinical key for the evidence and the needs of physiotherapists for electrical stimulation applications and approaches in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.” 

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