PAU Student Wins Second Prize at TECHNOFEST


PAU Engineering Faculty student Oktay Semih Moran won the second prize with his project named "Shared Vehicle Software Mobile Application for Urban Journeys (PAYmobile)" in the Smart Cities and Transportation category of TÜBİTAK-2242 University Students Research Project Competitions within the scope of TECHNOFEST 2022. The student from PAU, who won the second prize among 120 projects, will receive his award at the TECHNOFEST Finals to be held in Samsun between 30 August and 4 September.

As a result of my studies with the contributions of my dear teacher, who was my advisor while preparing the project, Prof. Dr. Soner Haldenbilen, I calculated the benefits in terms of traffic when the number of occupancy in private vehicles increases with the use of the mobile application. In addition, I have determined that it will have serious environmental benefits. In terms of traffic, I determined that the traffic congestion at the peak hours of the day would decrease by around 35%, thus increasing the traffic flow rate. However, I predict that the parking problem in city centers will decrease during the day. As for the environmental benefits, I determined that when 4 people share a single vehicle and travel within the city during the day, approximately 2 tons of carbon emissions will be reduced annually. With the increase in the use of the mobile application, when people share their journeys in the city with their private vehicles, I aim that the deteriorated climate balance will be improved and the carbon footprint will decrease, with the more controlled and balanced use of petroleum, which is a non-renewable energy source, and fuel, which is its product.”

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