PAU Hosts Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who came to Denizli as part of the Non-Governmental Organizations Representatives and Business People Meeting program, was the guest of Pamukkale University First Lecture: "Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Turkish Foreign Policy" organized by PAU University Active Youth Community (Denizli UNIAK).

The Minister said the following in his speech: “Today, we came together with our fellow citizens of Denizli in different programs. I am very pleased and honored to be at Pamukkale University today within the framework of this program. I would like to thank our dear Rector and Denizli UNIAK for organizing  this program; I would like to thank our fellow students especially for attending our meeting. May your 30th anniversary be beneficial for all! I also see that our university blends with the city, especially with the people of Denizli. Any institution that does not integrate with the public cannot be successful. For this reason, we would like to thank our Rector, University Administration and our very valuable professors and students. Today I will try to explain to you the priorities of our foreign policies. To define our foreign policy, to determine the principles, and to explain the reasons for the work we do in the field, first of all, we need to observe where the world is going, how it is changing, and we have to analyze it well. It is necessary to make determinations, to construct the policy accordingly, and then to implement it in the field and at the table. When we look at it today, we see that there is an era of uncertainty in the world. When we look at transitional periods in the past, we see that they were much longer. For example, the process established after the signing of the Bratislava Peace Agreement took 150 years. The system established with the Vienna Agreement lasted for a century until the First World War. The system, which was established from 1945 after the Second World War, lasted for half a century until the end of the cold war in 1989. The process that started after the end of the bipolarity created by the cold war took a very short time. So uncertainty reigns in the world right now. There were systems in the past, now there is no system. Everything is changing so quickly that we should ask "how do we keep up with this change?" On the one hand, we talk about our traditions, we need to protect them, but on the other hand, we try to adapt ourselves to innovations. How much can we catch up with innovations in technology? We are all struggling, we are constantly changing the devices we have. Moreover, the power in the devices and phones we have now includes much more than the technology in the system launched into space in the past. However, we are having a hard time catching up. In this period, our source of inspiration is young people. We are very inspired by the dreams, love of the country, energy and vision of you, young people."

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