PAU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Academy Workshops Start


Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (ITBF) is preparing to launch a workshop for all enthusiasts interested in different disciplines of social sciences.

The workshops, which are initially planned to be 8 or 16 hours long, in areas such as Turkish Language and Dialects, Ottoman Turkish, English Language, Rhetoric and Eloquence, Western Literature, Philosophy and Sociology, will be conducted by a group of instructors consisting entirely of academic staff of PAU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The aim of the face-to-face or online workshops is to provide first-hand information to anyone interested in different fields of social sciences through the most competent researchers. In this way, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to share its experience in social sciences, language and literature with its enthusiasts.

In this direction, the workshops planned to be opened in the first phase are as follows: Ottoman Turkish (Basic Level), Ottoman Turkish (Advanced Level), Business English 1, Looking at Works of Art with Philosophy, Comparative World Mythologies 1, Tolkien's Middle-earth Readings, Field Research in Social Sciences, Politics and Society Research, Understanding Family Relations in the Context of the Life Cycle, Media Literacy and Combating Cyberbullying, Kokturk Writing System and Introduction to Kokturkish, Rhetoric and Eloquence, Philosophy Practitioner Training for Children, Advanced Level Turkish.

Those who regularly attend the workshops will be given a Certificate of Participation, and in the future, it will be possible to open advanced levels of beginner workshops in line with interest and demand.

You can access all information about Pamukkale University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Academy Workshops such as detailed content and explanations, resumes of workshop coordinators, registration and workshop calendars at Contact addresses for those who would like to get detailed information are also available on the same page.

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