PAU Communication Faculty Returned from the Ceremony with Two Awards


Organized by KOSGEB and Denizli Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce, Denizli Governorship, Pamukkale University and Pamukkale Technocity, the "KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony" was held in the Ancient City of Laodikeia.

Award-Winning Project:

Pamukkale University Communication Faculty student Aslı Karayanan summarized her 3rd prize project as follows: "It is an online gift store that creates a marketplace by bringing together many online gift sites. It is a website on the e-commerce platform that gives people a mini-test to solve them, offers on-site and different gift recommendations and directs them to the websites where the gifts are available. Instead of limited and monotonous solutions; diverse, different and comprehensive gift knowledge will be presented, not depending on the imagination and gift repertoire of the people who are asked or who have a question. On-site and exciting gift suggestions will be offered to those who are waiting for ideas and advice on who and what gifts to buy.”

Project Winner of the Special Jury Award: Rainbow Kindergarten

PAU Communication Faculty student Arife Kılıç explained her project, which was deemed worthy of the jury's special award, as follows: “It is an institution where children aged 36-60 months are taken and cared for during the day. Programs prepared to help children complete their physical, mental and psycho-social development processes will be implemented in kindergartens. Gökkuşağı- (Rainbow) enterprise provides kindergarten education during the day and overnight accommodation services at night. The purpose of providing night accommodation service is to provide night accommodation services in the nursery, as it is very difficult to find a reliable place and caregiver in the province where they work, for children whose parents have to go on business trips, who want to be alone on special occasions, and where they can leave and entrust their children.”

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