PAU and DESIAD Come Together in a Project to Make Significant Contributions to Employment and Development


It was discussed in the workshop titled "Workplace Becomes Vocational School" between PAU and DESİAD, which aims to increase the role of industry in the vocational training of vocational schools. For three days, faculty members will exchange ideas with company representatives from 11 different sectors on the final outcome of the project.

After the opening speeches, the first day of the workshop, which will continue for three days, continued with the exchange of views by faculty members and officials from textile companies on addressing university-industry cooperation issues in the textile sector and increasing the employment of students studying in related programs.
In the sessions, eight main topics will be discussed, under the leadership of PAU KARMER (Career Center): Strengthening Education-Employment Relationship, Role of Universities and NGOs within the Scope of Youth Employment Strategy (2021- 2023), Sector Cooperation in Education Planning and Management Processes, Efficiency of Existing Mechanisms, Deficiencies and Contributions of 3+1 System, Curriculum in Vocational Schools, Semester and Annual Workplace Training Capacities of Firms and Career Planning courses will be discussed. 
In addition to textiles; university-industry cooperation issues in the energy, health, cable, marble, chemistry, tourism, construction, machinery, food, electricity and electronics sectors will also be discussed for three days.

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