Orientation and In-Service Training Held at PAU


Orientation and In-Service Training for the staff working at Pamukkale University (PAU) was held at Melek Sözkesen Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education.

Orientation and In-Service Training was held at the Melek Sözkesen Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education in order to ensure that the personnel working at PAU are trained in accordance with the conditions of the day, to ensure that they gain knowledge, skills and attitudes with the knowledge, skills and behaviors brought by their duties, to increase their productivity by raising them with the awareness of efficiency and frugality, to prepare them for further duties, to create a sense of corporate culture and belonging. The Orientation and In-Service Training was organized by the General Secretariat of PAU and the units and faculty members affiliated to the General Secretariat.

In the two-day training; the following topics were explained by the experts: Corporate Culture, Belonging Awareness and Work Motivation Secretary General Tamer Ceylan; Orientation and Contracted Personnel Legislation Deputy Head of Personnel Department Necmettin Köylü and Computer Operator Kamile Kuzu; Basic Communication Skills and Corporate Communication Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seher Argun; Public Duty and Professional Ethics Internal Auditor Hasan Hüseyin Gençay; Pusula Information System and Document Management System Deputy Information Technologies Specialist Deniz Pilavcı; Crisis and Risk Management and Coping with Stress Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamer Sarı; Behavior Awareness, Respect and Protocol Training in the Public Sphere, and Public Speaking and Diction Training Lecturer Havva Ergür; Higher Education Legislation (Petition, Minutes, Disciplinary Affairs) Branch Manager Cengiz Kılınç and Chief Kazım Çomaklı; Quality Process and PDCA Cycle Assist. Prof. Dr. Öncü Yanmaz Arpacı; Cyber Security Training Head of IT Department İlker Ulaş; Occupational Health and Safety (Energy Efficiency, Fire Training, Disaster Awareness) Civil Defense Specialist Hanım Girdal; Psychological Well-Being Assoc. Prof. Turgut Türkdoğan; Coping with Anger and Stress Res. Assist. Dr. Ogeday Çoker.

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