New Fluoroscopy Device Starts to Provide Service at PAU Hospital


A new fluoroscopy device has started to serve our patients in the Department of Radiology at PAU Hospital.

In the statement made by the Department of Radiology; it was stated that with the new technology digital detector fluoroscopy device, both X-ray images and fluoroscopic shots can be taken at the same time, especially leg length and scoliosis shots of patients who cannot stand up are more comfortable. Fluoroscopic shots are taken in real time with a detector with an area of 43*43cm.

Under the digital fluoroscopy device, all kinds of gastrointestinal system radiographs, esophagus, double contrast stomach-duodenum, double contrast colon radiographs, urological examinations, HSG (hysterosalpingography), advanced examinations such as ERCP performed under scopic control, digestive system diseases can be diagnosed and simultaneously digestive and excretory system examinations of our pediatric patients can be performed reliably. 

PAU Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Murat Özban emphasized that in recent years, many of our devices used for imaging purposes, especially in the Department of Radiology, have been renewed and started to serve our patients, and that the Fluoroscopy device has a very important technical use in terms of the imaging methods mentioned above, and emphasized the importance of serving patients with the latest technology devices. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Yüksel stated that as PAU Hospital, they have been working hard for the procurement of the device for a long time, and at this point, this device, which is produced according to the 24-hour working principle, can serve more patients from the surrounding provinces and our province by shooting up to 300 patients a day and that they are very happy for this reason.

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