National Group Virtual Exhibition from PAU Design Department


Pamukkale University Denizli Vocational School of Technical Sciences Design Department met with the audience at the Juried National Group Virtual Exhibition on "Legends and Myths in Anatolia".

In the exhibition, which is open to the participation of all artists and academics; there are a total of 117 works in the fields of painting, graphic design, plastic arts, photography, fashion and textile design, interior design, and handicrafts. The exhibition hall, which consists of 3 different virtual halls, published on the PAU art and design Youtube channel, received full marks from the audience.

Head of Design Department Prof. Dr. Kadir Özkaya said; “Anatolia, which has hosted many civilizations, has a rich cultural content. Legends and myths, which are the reflection of these cultures, have formed a synthesis for thousands of years by mixing with each other or taking on different identities. For this reason, Anatolian legends and myths have expressed that they are extremely effective in today's visual product designs,” about the exhibition. 

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