Life Saving Awareness with the Event "Give Life!" Raised


Basic life support and first aid skills training was explained to the participants practically with the "Give Life!" event organized at Pamukkale University (PAU) Denizli Vocational School of Health Services (DSHMYO).

"Give Life to Life! Learn, Teach, Live and Let Live!" event was organized. In the event, which aimed to increase the awareness of life-saving among the participants, basic life support and first aid skills in emergencies were explained to the participants by putting them into practice. During the event, basic life support for different age groups, from adults to infants, and how to intervene in cases of foreign body obstruction were demonstrated in practice. Participants had the opportunity to learn various critical skills, including the use of an automated external defibrillator. Throughout the event, members of the organizing committee provided the participants with practice guides and gave them the opportunity to practice on the models. In this way, the participants had the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and became more prepared for emergencies they may encounter in real life. Lecturer at the event. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Halil Öztürk Prof. Dr. Mehmet Halil Öztürk: "First aid is the first step in saving human life in instant and unexpected situations. It is vital for everyone to have basic first aid knowledge in order to intervene effectively in any emergency." Lecturer Şeyme Batmaz said: "First aid is a skill that may be needed anywhere at any time. Being able to make the right intervention in emergencies not only saves human life, but also increases the sense of trust in society." Guest Lecturer Yasevil Fulya Tan: "First aid not only saves lives in emergencies, but also strengthens the sense of solidarity and cooperation in society. Each individual's knowledge of first aid contributes to a safer and healthier environment for society." and expressed her thoughts on first aid.
The participants of the event stated that with the trainings they received, they became more aware of how they should act in emergencies. They also stated that the interactive and practical nature of the event facilitated learning and made them feel safer. With the completion of the "Give Life!" event, DSHMYO has taken an important step towards increasing the awareness of emergency response in the society. It is believed that the knowledge and skills gained by the participants will help them save lives in the future.

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