Kyrgyz Poet Togtogul Satilganov Commemorated at ITBF


Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (ITBF) commemorated Kyrgyz Poet Togtogul Satilganov with a conference titled “Turkic Studies-66: A Life Dedicated to His People - Togtogul Satilganov”.

Assistant Professor Dr. Aysel Baytok was the guest speaker of the conference organized in cooperation with PAU ITBF Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Turkish Homeland Culture and Art Community (TUYUK) and Altai Communities Language and Cultures Application and Research Center (Altay-Dilmer). The opening speech of the conference held at ITBF Prof. Dr. İsmail Çetişli Conference Hall was made by Assistant Professor Sema Eynel, Vice Head of the Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures. In her speech, Eynel touched on important points about Turkish language, history and culture, emphasizing both the historical and contemporary conditions of the Kyrgyz geography and people and emphasizing the work that can be done in the field of Turkology.

In the lecture given by Assistant Professor Dr. Aysel Baytok from the Department of Contemporary Turkic Dialects and Literatures, Department of North-Western Turkic Dialects, the life path of the great Kyrgyz bard Togtogul Satilganov, his efforts to protect the interests of the poor Kyrgyz people who were oppressed and subjected to unjust practices by tsarist Russia on the one hand and local rich lords on the other, the importance of Satilganov for the Kyrgyz people, literature and culture were explained in detail on the example of the works of the bard. Baytok concluded his speech by stating that the literary figures of Turkic peoples are the common value and common wealth of the whole Turkic world and emphasizing the importance of knowing, recognizing and protecting these values by all Turkic peoples. 

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