ITBF Organizes an Event titled “A Gift to Youth and Sports: May 19th”


Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (ITBF), Department of History organized the event titled “The Holiday Dedicated to Youth and Sports: May 19th” at Prof. Dr. İsmail Çetişli Conference Hall.

Prof. Dr. Umut Karabulut, Head of PAU ITBF Department of History, and Prof. Dr. Ercan Haytoğlu, Head of the Department of History of the Republic of Turkey at PAU ITBF, were the speakers at the event, which was also attended by Pamukkale University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Durmuş Akalın, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Yasemin Beyazıt and many academics, students, as well as students and teachers of İbrahim Cinkaya Social Sciences High School.

After the moment of silence and the reading of the National Anthem, the program continued with opening speeches. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Karabulut focused on the historical meaning of May 19, evaluated why this holiday was dedicated to the youth and discussed what the meaning of May 19 could be today. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Karabulut underlined the need to provide equal opportunities to young people and stated that the greatest value of May 19 as a youth holiday is the ideal of creating a country that puts young people at the forefront.

Prof. Dr. Haytoğlu underlined how May 19 was celebrated during the Republican Period. Pointing out that this day was celebrated as “Gazi Day” before it became an official holiday, he said that it started to be celebrated as “Youth and Sports Day” in 1938. Drawing attention to the importance of youth for the country, Prof. Dr. Haytoğlu ended his speech by emphasizing that the meaning of this holiday should be better explained to the youth.

In the last part of the event, a slide show about May 19 during the Atatürk and İnönü Periods, accompanied by visuals obtained from various newspapers and magazines of the period, was presented. The event ended after Prof. Dr. Durmuş Akalın and Prof. Dr. Yasemin Beyazıt presented plaques to the speakers.

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