Great Interest in the "Communication and Humor" Themed Interview Held by the Faculty of Communication

Within the scope of PAU's "30 Years 30 Themes" Events, a conversation themed "Communication and Humor" was held by the Faculty of Communication at the Hierapolis Conference Hall. Before the talk where cartoonist Mehmet Selçuk was a guest, the opening of the exhibition, consisting mostly of cartoons drawn by Selçuk about the Covid-19 process, was held.

Talking about the history of cartoons and his past as a cartoonist, Selçuk stated that he communicates using linear and balloon cartoon types, that balloon cartoons are effective in communicating with people in Turkey, and that cartoon communication using pure lines is universal. In addition, Selçuk stated that caricature using only lines is a genre that can be understood by both a German and a French person. Underlining that “Art is a language of communication, sincerity is a must for both communication and humor”, Selçuk expressed his thoughts on communication and humor with the words “It is necessary to read, see and follow what is happening around the world in the field, because the essence of art is knowledge”. Selçuk explained the inspiration of his works in his professional life with the words “childhood is my life, my source of imagination”. Selçuk stated that this is why he loves his profession so much, that he tries to give art education to his students in his classes, and that this is what leaves a mark.

When it came to the question and answer section, "Today, it is seen that even text is transformed into visuals through artificial intelligence, how does this affect the future of cartoons?" Selcuk replied, "The cartoon will never change, maybe the tools and equipment used may change, but the journey of humor will not change, the effect of paint and paper will always continue." At the end of the talk, a plaque and flowers were presented to Mehmet Selçuk, while Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Soylu uttered his words; “Art is a language of communication. It opens a window for us and allows us to look through that window. There is every version of art in communication. Caricature is an important dimension of this.” 

After the interview, which attracted great attention from PAU Communication Faculty students as well as other faculty students, Selçuk signed and gifted his book "Corona Caricature Diary" to the guests and chatted with the students participating in the event. After the signing event, the program ended.

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