Floor Curling Sets Provided to Schools in Denizli by PAU Students


Under the leadership of Pamukkale University (PAU) Sports Management Department faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kızıloğlu, the students carried out project studies and ensured that the Floor Curling branch was introduced and Floor Curling sets were provided to Tekkeköy Secondary School and Zehra Suna Manasır Secondary School.

An important step was taken to emphasize the importance of sports and recreational activities in Denizli. Stating the importance of a new branch and its dissemination, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kızıloğlu said; "Introducing this branch, which has not yet become widespread and is in the process of new development, and bringing it to schools has been an important step for Denizli. In the process of selecting schools within the scope of this project, it was taken into consideration that the relevant schools were success-oriented and had an innovative understanding. I have no doubt that this meaningful project initiated by our department students will make this meaningful project more sustainable with the achievements of the students of Tekkeköy Secondary School and Zehra Suna Manasır Secondary School, where the sets were acquired. Of course, I would like to thank our students Ahmet Emre Uysal, Ali Ertuğrul, Bedia Üküm, Ceyda Çatal, Kadriye Tokalı, Özgür Minaz, Ümmühan Şeyma Öğünç and Veli Kayabaşı for this meaningful project. I would also like to thank the administrators and teachers in our schools who are eager for the development of this sports branch. Our students will continue to work in schools to promote and popularize this branch.

Floor Curling is a sport of great importance for physical activity and team building. It is stated that this project is an important step in promoting an active lifestyle and popularizing sports among young people. It has an important place especially in terms of being a branch that will contribute to the development of young people in every sense. As floor curling contributes to the players in every sense, this branch can be easily established and played in many places. It is considered an important issue to promote and popularize this branch, which can be done in all places such as prisons, love homes, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

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