Fire Drill Implemented at PAU

In the fire drill practice organized by Pamukkale University Health Services Vocational School (PAÜ DSHMYO), a total of three officers, primarily Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Manager Veysel Bike, gave training.

Before the drill held in the garden of PAU DSHMYO, approximately seven hundred (700) people, together with students, academic and administrative staff, participated in the fire drill, where theoretical training was given to the participants.  There was great interest in the applied training given by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Manager Veysel Bike, accompanied by Director of Health Services Vocational School, Assoc. Dr. Pınar Ili and Pamukkale University Civil Defense Specialist Hanim Girdal.

Bike: “A little knowledge of the fire will keep you alive.”

Fire Brigade Manager Veysel Bike briefed the students on the basic information about the fire, how the fire alarm should be and the details of the fire notification before the application. Indicating that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality received 9,506 reports in just one year with 4178 fires and 2201 rescue operations, Bike: “Fire brigade incidents are sudden events. People apply what they know in the face of such sudden events. That's why information is so valuable. When appropriate, a little knowledge allows you to survive.” He also emphasized the importance of the training given.

After the short trainings given on subjects such as “Features to know about fire” and “how can we get rid of fire?” , the controlled fire by firefighting teams was intervened by the selected volunteer students with fire extinguishers.

At the end of the exercise, a photo was taken with Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade officers, PAU Denizli Health Services Vocational School academic staff and students.

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