Distance & Online Professional Development Programs Start at PAU


Pamukkale University and Pamukkale Technocity will host the programs with the support of South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) and applications will be received between March 7-14. The introductory meeting of the employment-oriented Vocational Development Programs was held at Pamukkale Technocity with the participation of Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan.

At the end of the vocational training programs, which will be given to 1000 people in 28 different fields, most of which are software trainings, those who are successful will have the opportunity to be employed in companies located in Pamukkale Technocity. The South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA), which operates under the coordination of the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, will support vocational training programs within the scope of the 2022-2023 working theme "Youth Employment".

Rector Kutluhan: "Technocities are the gateway to life for young entrepreneurs."

Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, who made a speech at the introductory meeting of vocational training programs, which is one of the most comprehensive training programs in Turkey, whose main idea is planned to give trainings to young people by sector experts, stated the following: "The Technocity of our university is also the Technocity of our city. We have four chambers in our city: the chamber of commerce, the chamber of industry, the exporters' union and the commodity exchange. Our metropolitan municipality is also a partner of our Technocity. Therefore, Pamukkale Technocity represents Denizli. I hope we will get good results from this work carried out with the support of Pamukkale Technocity and GEKA. This work is a revolutionary work. At the moment, the pain of the earthquakes in our country is new, but life goes on. This kind of work gives effort to all of us, including us. It shows that life goes on and the work that can be done must be done as soon as possible. The most pleasing part of this work is that the planned trainings will be carried out online. After the online training, young people who are successful will be given the chance of employment. It is of great importance for us that our companies within Technocity support this work. I would like to thank them all one by one. This kind of work is the best answer to the question of what a Technocity does. Technocities are the gateway to life for young entrepreneurs. The most important subject of the world is software. Providing software-oriented trainings in 28 different branches within the scope of the trainings will be very meaningful at this point. I thank each of you very much, I wish it to be auspicious."

Pamukkale Technocity Companies that support the training program: Camart, Funika Games, Karegraf, Kodpit, Capsule Dx, Lab2023, Lider Software, Medya Ikon, Net Internet, NCT, Tugay, Üzüm, Vulpis, Media Sponsor R10.Net.

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