Children Going to The Theater for The First Time Love 'The Little Prince'


Pamukkale University Community Service and Social Responsibility Application and Research Center (PAU TOHSAM) organized a theater event called 'The Little Prince' with PAU Aim is Art Student Community and brought together children who had never been to the theater before.

In order to bring together children who have not had the opportunity to watch theater and to make them watch a children's play suitable for their age, PAU TOHSAM and Aim is Art Student Community supervised by advisor Lecturer Dr. Sinem Özdede organized the theater play 'The Little Prince', which is a social responsibility activity, with the interest of children. 

Within the scope of the event, the play with the same name "The Little Prince", which is an adaptation of the book "The Little Prince" staged by PAU Reasonable Art Community at Pamukkale University Hasan Kasapoğlu Cultural Center ( Denizli State Theater), was brought together with primary and secondary school children who had never been to the theater before. The play, which was watched with interest by approximately 450 students, was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammet Ensar Yeşilyurt, TOHSAM Board Members Dr. Öncü Yanmaz Arpacı, Research Assist. Kudret Aykırı, Dr. Senem Pak who watched the play with the children. PAU Purposeful Art Student Community members performed singing games to entertain the children before the play and received the appreciation of the children. The children, who watched the play with great interest and excitement from the beginning to the end, left the hall with the joy of watching their first theater happily at the end of the play, which lasted for about an hour.

PAU TOHSAM Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Sönmezoğlu stated the following about the social responsibility activity for children: "We would like to thank our Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan for supporting us in this meaningful project, Denizli Directorate of National Education for coordinating with the schools of the students who were the audience of our play, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for bringing these students to our event with public transportation vehicles, Prof. Dr. Fatih Yayla, who opened such a beautiful stage for our play for our children who will watch theater for the first time and made a great contribution to the staging of the play in the best way, and most importantly, PAU Purpose Art Community, which is formed by our own students who staged the play."

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