Applied Patent Training Given at Pamukkale Technocity


Pamukkale Technocity carried out Applied Patent Training in cooperation with Sidus Patent. The training given by “Sidus Patent” and Trademark Attorney İrfan Can Işıklı was held at Pamukkale Technocity Conference Hall.

In training; what are patent, utility model, trademark and design registrations, what they protect, in which cases it is necessary to obtain a patent, in which cases it is not, the criteria for obtaining a patent, the patent and utility model process, foreign processes and preparation procedures were discussed. At the end of the training, the participants were given a 'Training Certificate'.

Sidus Patent Firm patent and trademark attorney İrfan Can Işıklı, who provided information on how to protect intellectual products in the training where the concepts of invention, inventor, idea and idea products were mentioned, underlined that ideas cannot be legally protected, only intellectual products can be protected legally. It was mentioned that obtaining a patent for an invention may not always be the best way, alternative ways to be followed, and what could or may not be an invention.

In the continuation of the training, discussions were held on the innovation, the invention step, the scope of the claims, which are of great importance during the patent application procedures. Then, the participants were informed about the preparation of the specification and how the request team should be planned. In order to obtain the strongest protection in the patent application, the importance of preliminary research, preparation of the specification and claims was emphasized with examples.

At the end of the training, the participants were given the forms of various patent applications. Based on the technical features in these figures, the participants conducted a preliminary patent search on patent search sites. Then, a sample request team about the product was created with the participants, starting from a Turkish coffee machine.

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