Alumni and Students Gathered During Tourism Week


Within the scope of Tourism Week, people who graduated from PAU Faculty of Tourism in the previous periods and worked as senior managers in different hotels had a pleasant conversation with the students of the Faculty of Tourism. They gave important advice to students about business life.

In the interview; Leman Hotel Manager Emine Teker, Anım Boutique Hotel Manager Emre Erdönmez, Angels Park Hotel Manager Figen Karacasulu and Grand İtimat Hotel Manager Ahmet Pala shared their professional experiences and gave important advice to students.
In the conversation themed "Graduates and Denizli", the stages of career steps in the tourism sector, being successful in the sector, and communication in tourism were discussed. Speakers talked about their experiences in the sector with sections from their own lives. By emphasizing the importance of communication and self-confidence in particular, and sharing tips that will create great advantages for them in their career journey, important information regarding their career planning was conveyed.

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