Aegean Region Career Fair EGEKAF'24 Opens Its Doors to Tens of Thousands of Students and Graduates in Denizli


Aegean Career Fair (EGEKAF), one of the career fairs organized with the participation of the host university and stakeholder universities in 11 regions under the coordination of the Presidential Human Resources Office (CBİKO), brings together tens of thousands of students and graduates with the business world at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center on 21-22 February 2024, hosted by Pamukkale University.

The Aegean Career Fair, which is part of the "Talent is Everywhere" career events as part of the e-human digital service approach, will be held in Denizli on February 21-22, 2024.

Aegean Career Fair, one of the career fairs organized in 11 regions of Turkey since 2019, will be organized with the participation of 14 stakeholder universities hosted by Pamukkale University under the coordination of the Presidential Human Resources Office (CBİKO).

EGEKAF 24, which will last for two days at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, will bring together tens of thousands of students of 15 universities operating in the Aegean Region (Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Dokuz Eylül University, Ege University, Bakırçay University, İzmir Democracy University, İzmir University of Economics, İzmir Kâtip Çelebi University, İzmir Kavram Vocational School, İzmir Tınaztepe University, İzmir Institute of High Technology, Manisa Celal Bayar University, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Pamukkale University, Uşak University, Yaşar University) with the business world.

Students and graduates participating in the fair, whose main sponsors are Denizli Governorship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, will have the chance to get first-hand information about job/internship opportunities and career opportunities with the human resources officials of the companies. 

Companies, institutions/organizations participating in the fair will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, while at the same time, they will be able to directly access qualified human resources by recognizing students and graduates suitable for their business areas and positions and collecting applications.

EGEKAF 24 will host a total of 124 events from Career Talks to Panels, Presentations and Trainings

EGEKAF 24 will host a total of 124 events, including 66 public events (stakeholder universities 24, Pamukkale University 21, public institutions 17, NGO 4), 39 private company events, and 19 special invited events. Career talks, panels and presentations are among the events such as: Hulusi Akar, Former Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey, Chairman of the National Defense Industry Commission, "Awareness of Being a Nation and Fight Against Terrorism", Business Person Ahmet Zorlu, "How to be Zorlu?", Taşkın Koçak "Career Planning of the Future with Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse", Ahmet Öksüz "Circular Economy and Sustainability", Prof. Dr. Mehmet Metin Okur "E-Career Talks, Panels and Presentations". Prof. Dr. Mehmet Metin Okur on "E-Commerce and Digital Marketing", Prof. Dr. Yusuf Şevki Hakyemez on "Constitutional Court and Individual Application Right", Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aydınlı on "New Working Model: Digital Platform Employees", the panel "Diplomacy from Past to Present: Ambassadors Answer" moderated by Ahmet Yıldız (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador), with speakers Özlem Ergün Ulueren (Ambassador), Armağan İnci Ersoy (Ambassador): Ambassadors Answer" panel, 

Adem Öcal on "Easy Finding a Job and Things to Do for a High-Paid Work Life", Meteorology General Manager Volkan Mutlu Coşkun on "Digitalization in Meteorology", Z. Altan Elmas on "Environmental Factors in Urban Transformation", Sergen Özen, Burçin Pınar (Store Manager, Chef, Pastry Chef), Emre Karaca (Masterchef), Yunus Karaca (Masterchef), Hasan Biltekin (Masterchef) on "Student Meeting with PAU Graduated Chefs", Prof. Dr. Mahmut Faruk Akşit on "Motor Industry", Op. Dr. Kemal Tekden "From Doctor to Resurrection Ertuğrul", Lokman Ayva "Myself in My Own Eyes - I'm Looking for My Truth", TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal "Our Innovative Science and Technology Approach to Challenges Requiring Urgent Solutions Together with Our Young Human Resources", Serkan Bayram "Grain of Wheat Movie Interview", Prof. Dr. Aytül Erçil (Masterf) "Student Meeting with Graduated Chefs from PAU". Prof. Dr. Aytül Erçil "The Inevitable Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Its Place in Our Lives", student meeting with Tamer Karadağlı, General Director of Theatres, Prof. Dr. Aytül Erçil "The Inevitable Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Its Place in Our Lives" and various interviews, panels and presentations.

EGEKAF 24 will bring students and alumni together with various career events

At the Aegean Career Fair, students and graduates will have the opportunity to participate in various personal and professional development events, interviews, interview simulations, introduction sessions, interviews, resume evaluation sessions, career talks and workshops. 

You can access the event and workshop calendar of EGEKAF 24 via the link

EGEKAF 24 will host dozens of competitions

Within the scope of EGEKAF24; competitions such as informatics competition, chess competition, debate competition, gastronomy competition, anatomy knowledge competition, esports competition will be organized where students and graduates can exhibit their professional knowledge and skills.

You can review the application conditions for all competitions to be held at EGEKAF 24 and apply via the link

Main Themes of EGEKAF 24: Sustainability, Digitalization and Environment

The main themes of EGEKAF24, which is Europe's largest career fair and aims to bring tens of thousands of young people together with the business world, have been determined as sustainability, digitalization and environment. Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan stated that they determined these themes by taking into account the trends of today's business world and young people, and that they have planned a wide variety of activities within the framework of these themes within the scope of EGEKAF'24.

Accessible Fair, Accessible Career

Aegean Region Career Fair adopts the principle of equal opportunity for all students and graduates to encounter job opportunities. 

In this direction, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, Rector of Pamukkale University, the Aegean Region Career Fair 2024 Organizing Committee is producing disability-friendly solutions for disabled students, graduates and participants to visit the booths and participate in the activities in order to increase accessibility opportunities throughout the fair.

First of all, it is necessary to be a member of Talent Gateway

In order to participate in EGEKAF'24, students, graduates and companies must become a member of Talent Gateway and then register for the Aegean Region Career Fair 2024 among the regional career fairs. Talent Gateway, an internet platform within the scope of "Talent is Everywhere" offered by the Presidential Human Resources Office to universities and the business world, aims to contribute to the employment of students and graduates in accordance with their qualifications. The "Yetenek Kapısı" digital interaction platform, which enables young people and employers to stay in constant communication regardless of time and space, offers various opportunities to both students and graduates and employers. Students and graduates find the opportunity to meet the right employer in many different sectors by taking the first step into the career network through the profile they create on Yetenek Kapısı. They can also access many content such as career counseling, fairs, events and trainings through their profiles. 

Employers, wherever they are in Turkey, can easily discover human resources with the qualifications they are looking for through "Talent Gateway".

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