Accounting Practices Training Held at Pamukkale Technocity


Tax and Accounting Practices Training was organized in cooperation with Pamukkale Technocity and R&D and Technocity Certified Public Accountant Financial Consultancy Ltd. The training given by R&D and Technocity Specialist and CPA Güven Ayyıldız was organized in Pamukkale Technocity Conference Hall.

On the first day of the training; ADM Electricity Distribution Inc. Co. R&D Center, Denizli Cement Ind. Ltd., Denizli Rateks Textile Inc. Co., Er-bakır Electrolytic Copper Products Inc. Co., Erikoğlu Enameled Copper Wire Inc. Co., Fatih Profil Inc. Co., Küçüker Textile Inc. Co., Menderes Textile Inc. Co., Mercan Chemistry Inc. Co., Ozanteks Textile Inc. Co., Onder Group Inc. Co., Seval Cable, Sirmersan Trade Inc. Co., Veritas Textile Apparel Market. Inc. Co. with the participation of company officials; "General Evaluation of R&D and Design Incentives in Turkey from a Tax Perspective, Evaluation of Newly Introduced Conditions, Incentives and Regulations, Who Benefits from R&D and Design Incentives in Law No. 5746, Characteristics of R&D Centers in terms of Incentive Application, How R&D Expenditures are Accounted, How the R&D Discount Amount is Determined and How it is Applied, Topics Regarding the Locality and Compliance Audit of R&D and Design Centers" were discussed. At the end of the training, 'Training certificate' was given to the participants. 

On the second day of the training, in the training attended by Mehmet Sarıgöl, President of Denizli Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisors, and the companies and CPA professionals in Technocity; topics such as "Corporate Tax, VAT Exemption in Software Sales, Income Tax Exemption of Personnel Working in Technocity, Exemption of Fees and Stamp Duty Exemption, VAT Exemption in Machinery and Equipment Purchases in Technocity, Special Regulations for Design Activities in Technocity, Current Legislative Regulations" were discussed. At the end of the training, 'Training certificate' was given to the participants.

In the training, R&D & Technocity Specialist and CPA Güven Ayyıldız made a detailed presentation about the exceptions to the law. Ayyıldız drew attention especially to the scope of the Venture Capital Application; he gave detailed information about the requirement to put capital into Venture Capital Funds and Partnerships and Incubation Companies in the R&D and Technocity Legislation. Underlining how R&D expenditures should be made, Ayyıldız explained the accounting part in detail to the participants. He also mentioned sample applications. At the end of the training, after the questions of the participants were answered, certificates were presented to the participants and the two-day training was completed.

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