A Series of Events from PAU in Nursing Week


Nursing Week is celebrated with various activities at PAU. While the events will start with the opening ceremony, different events will be held throughout the week, from trainings to workshops, from theater performances to daily excursions.

On the first day of Nursing Week activities, PAU Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Ekmekçi's "Stress Management and Mental Endurance Practices" and Education Nurse Sabriye Akkılıç's "Life Begins with Breath" presentations were made. While the nurses and students who participated in the hot air balloon event held on the first day had the opportunity to see the campus from the air, on the evening of the first day, the theater group formed by the nurses working at PAU Hospitals performed the theater play, "Health Practices from Past to Present", written by them. The nurses, who took in the dust of the stage for the first time with the play they performed, took the guests on a pleasant journey from the ancient period to the present, from medicinal plants to the applications of modern medicine, with the story set in the Ancient City of Hierapolis. At the end of the game, the zeybek show, which was performed by the nurses in their uniforms, again received great applause from the guests.
PAU's Nursing Week activities will continue with a daily trip to Alaçatı, with zumba, dance, rag dolls, candle and perfume workshops, as well as personal and professional development trainings.

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