271 Medical Students Wear White Coats at PAU


At White Coat Wearing Ceremony organized by Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Medicine, 271 students wore white coats. Within the scope of the ceremony, a classroom and Glass Mosaic Turkish Flag were opened on the ground floor of the new building of PAU Faculty of Medicine.

The ceremony held at Pamukkale University Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yılmaz Congress and Culture Center started with the reading of the National Anthem after a moment of silence.

Dean Özdel said: "It is our greatest wish that you become physicians who truly understand the great Atatürk and walk towards his goals."

Speaking at the ceremony, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Osman İsmail Özdel stated the following: "We used to hold this ceremony every year during the week of March 14th and experience two holidays together. However, as you know, on February 6th, we had a great disaster. We lost our lives. We lost our beloved Şiraz, who was among these young people. I wish God's mercy to all those we lost, may they rest in peace. That is why we are sad, we are missing something. As the dynamic power of this beautiful country, which has existed with great struggles on its centuries-old roots, it is our greatest wish that you will be physicians who can approach problems with a solution-oriented approach with a multi-faceted perspective, analyze the changing health needs of the society you live in and turn the results into practice, loaded with the knowledge, skills and equipment to overcome all problems, follow current developments, research, question and stand against all kinds of difficulties when necessary, truly understand the great Atatürk and march towards his goals. We embrace you affectionately with our belief that you will wear this spotless white coat with great care as a symbol of your professional identity. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation and present my regards."

Rector Kutluhan: "To my colleagues who will wear the white coat, first of all, let's not put the slightest stain on the whiteness of the white coat."

Speaking at the ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Kutluhan said: "You are experiencing one of the happiest days of your life. Today is the day you put on the white coat, the doctor's coat, and as a result, you have gained the right to study at the Faculty of Medicine, legally you are a doctor candidate, but today you are actually a doctor. After wearing the white coat, you can enter intensive care, operating rooms, polyclinics and all departments in hospitals. With the white coat, you can also move easily in hospitals outside our own faculty. So the white coat is so powerful that sometimes we hear about it in the news and sometimes in the media: There may be people who wear a white coat and say they are a doctor and commit fraud, all of this is due to the power of the white coat. Ibn Sina has a very beautiful saying: O doctor, first do no harm the patient. I would say to my colleagues who will wear the white coat today, first of all, let's not put the slightest stain on the whiteness of the white coat. I am proud of our faculty of medicine because you not only successfully study at the faculty of medicine, but also try to improve yourselves through your social activities. We are trying to prepare you for a better future with the TUS (medical specialization) trial exam practice, to have a better understanding of patients with the empathy program, and to make new classrooms and to make your lessons in better conditions. I would like to make some requests from you here. No matter how you start the Faculty of Medicine, it ends the way you start, start well and finish successfully. Do not neglect your lessons. Since there is no other Pamukkale Faculty of Medicine in this world, let's protect our faculty. For example, let's warn against throwing cigarette butts at the entrances of the faculty, let's warn against smoking, let's support each other. Take care of their illnesses, especially your parents and relatives, and try to get their prayers because your biggest capital is the psychological support you will receive."

Glass Mosaic Turkish Flag Symbolizing the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

Following the White Coat Wearing Ceremony, the program started with the opening of the 175-seat Dr. Vehbi Esenlik Amphitheater on the ground floor of the new building of the Faculty of Medicine, and the awarding of a certificate of appreciation to Pamukkale University Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education, Department of Painting and Drawing in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The program ended with the opening of the Glass Mosaic Turkish Flag, which was prepared by Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine faculty members, faculty staff and students under the supervision of Lect. Yüksel Hancıoğlu.

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