22 Thousand Birds Detected Within the Scope of 'KOSKS 2022' Performed by Researchers from PAU


Within the scope of the protocol signed between Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, 5th Region Denizli Provincial Branch Directorate, Mid-Winter Waterfowl Census (KOSKS) was carried out in Denizli.

Prof. Dr. Urhan Listed His Solution Suggestions

Prof. Dr. Raşit Urhan said: “While diver duck species decreased, surface ducks increased, there was an increase in floor plants due to pollution, and the fact that flamingos are now seen more in the lake shows that Işıklı lake has become shallow. For this lake, which is the life source of the Çivril plain, the water should be used more rationally and in a planned manner. The biggest problem in Acıgöl is the decrease in the amount of water. Unfortunately, the problem seen in many wetlands in Turkey due to global climate change and irregular precipitation is also present in this lake. Therefore, the most important work to be done will be the rational and planned use of water. It will be beneficial for birds to close at least some parts of these lakes for hunting in our province, where hunting protection activities are intensified and carried out effectively.

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