"2nd Gastronomy Competition with Local Food Presentation and Tasting" Organized under the Leadership of PAU


In partnership with Denizli Governorship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Pamukkale University Faculty of Tourism, "2nd Gastronomy Competition with Local Food Presentation and Tasting" events were held at the Historical Osman Bey Mansion within the scope of May 21-27 Turkish Cuisine Week.

Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Necip Atar, Prof. Dr. M. Ensar Yeşilyurt and Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Prof. Dr. Serkan Bertan attended the Turkish Cuisine event held to promote Turkish cuisine culture and gastronomy values.

In the "Denizli 1st Gastronomy Competition" held last year within the scope of Pamukkale University '30 Years 30 Themes Events', new products were created by developing the methods and methods used with Denizli chickpeas in the Denizli gastronomy competition held in order to promote Denizli chickpeas as a geographically marked product and to create new products related to chickpeas.  This year's theme of the competition, in which Leblebi Dessert, Hummus from Denizli Chickpeas, Lokma Dessert with Chickpeas, Banana Magnolia Dessert with Denizli Chickpeas, Chickpea Soup, Chickpea Cookie, Bread with Chickpeas, Cookies with Chickpeas, Chickpea Halva with Croquant, Chops on Hummus Bed with Chickpeas, Souffle with Chickpeas, Kulebi, Halva with Chickpeas, Lebcake, Leblebi Powdered Cookies, Stuffed Fig with Leblebi, Profiterole with Leblebi, Stuffed Squid with Leblebi Aronia Sauce, Turkish Coffee with Leblebi products were developed, was determined to promote Kale pepper, the geographically marked product of Denizli.

In 'Denizli 2nd Gastronomy Competition' held within the scope of Turkish Cuisine Week to promote Kale pepper as a geographically marked product and to create new products related to Kale pepper, each competitor contributed to the promotion of geographically marked Kale pepper with creative plates.

PAU Faculty of Tourism Dean Prof. Dr. Serkan Bertan took part as a jury member in Denizli 2nd Gastronomy Competition which included Kale Dessert, Kale Pepper Dessert, Kale Style Pizza, Crispy Stuffing, Shortcake in Dried Pepper Bowl, Beef Medallion Wrapped in Kale Pepper, Stuffed Kale Pepper, Dusler, Kale Pepper Mousse, Sweet Flame, Flour Kale Pepper Dessert, Kale Pepper Üçkulak Dessert, Kale Pepper Soup with Chickpeas, Stuffed Kale Pepper and Dried Pepper Appetizer.

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