Work Adaptation Training Given at PAU Hospital


In PAU Hospital, on average 200 health workers were given training on job adaptation to cleaning, nurses, health technicians, secretaries and pharmacists.

Newly recruited healthcare workers were trained on employee health, patient rights, hemovigilance, human resources, quality management, information processing, disaster planning, infection hand hygiene, nutrition, radiation safety and hazardous material safety.

After the training, it is among our goals to raise awareness of our healthcare professionals about patient rights and responsibilities, and to provide better service to our patients.

In addition to orientation trainings for the nursing group on the "safe transfusion process" and the support personnel group on the "safe transport of blood and blood components" by the Hemovigilance Unit, periodic training programs on transfusion safety are held for all healthcare professionals every year. At the same time, video training presentations and trainings are updated throughout the year in line with undesirable events and new practices. Since living tissue transplantation is performed, the identification of possible reactions in the patient is important for early intervention. In order to prevent undesirable events, the whole process must be carried out in accordance with the procedures, and it is aimed to gain a sense of responsibility with these trainings given to all healthcare professionals responsible for blood and blood transfusion.

Health workers who have successfully completed the job adaptation training have started to serve in our hospital by moving to their places of duty.

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