SKS Evaluation Successfully Conducted at PAU Hospital


Pamukkale University Hospitals successfully passed the evaluation made within the scope of Health Quality Standards (SKS).

In accordance with the provisions of the "Regulation on the Development and Evaluation of Health Service Quality", which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 27.06.2015 and numbered 29399 by the Department of Quality and Accreditation in Health, "Health Quality Assessment" was carried out for two days within the scope of "Health Quality Standards / Hospital (SKS)" in our hospital on October 20-21, 2022. Successful results were obtained in the evaluation made as a result of the devoted work of all units in our hospital, effective execution of quality processes and continuity of the system.

Due to this success, a thank you meeting was held by the Central Directorate for all hospital employees. Our Quality Director, who achieved a significant success in the Health Quality Assessment, thanked the Department Quality Officers, Hospital Chief Manager, Hospital Managers, Quality Directorate and employees for their support in quality studies.

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Murat Özban thanked everyone who contributed to the evaluations within the scope of quality standards.

Held in the 13th floor meeting room, the thank you meeting ended with a cocktail and a photo session.

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