Realistic Drill Held at PAU Hospital

A realistic desk and fire drill was successfully carried out at PAU Hospital. Starting on the 13th floor with an intense participation, the desk drill continued with the fire drill on the 4th floor and ended with the press statement made by the Chief Physician.

As a desk-bound and practical exercise scenario, the readiness and response methods of the hospital teams against the earthquake and fire that may occur after the earthquake in our province were successfully implemented. The scenario was planned as an earthquake that occurred in one of the inpatient wards of our hospital and the intervention of the teams in charge in the disaster plan of our hospital as a result of the injury and fire that occurred after the fire. The teams in charge of the hospital disaster plan, which convened shortly after the earthquake and fire, were divided into groups as operations, planning, logistics, public relations, inter-institutional coordination, occupational safety specialist, medical ethics committee and finance, under the chairmanship of the hospital disaster manager, and developed strategies for minute-by-minute developments and ensured the continuation of the hospital's services.

PAU Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Murat Özban thanked the Provincial Directorate of Health teams and all participants who participated in the exercise and stated that thanks to such desk and practical exercises, preparations are made for emergencies.

Osman Dirmilli, Deputy Director of PAU Hospital and Hospital Disaster Management Unit Officer, emphasized the importance of training and drills for disasters that may occur as PAU Hospitals and stated that such drills will continue.

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