"Postmortem Heart School" Course Held at PAU Hospital


The "Postmortem Heart School" practical course program, hosted by Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine on April 29-30, was attended by 30 doctors from different universities in Turkey who received theoretical and practical training on sudden deaths due to heart diseases.

In this regard, Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine Prof. Dr. Kemalettin ACAR said: "In the realization of our training, which we organized for the fourth time and has now become a tradition, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Kurtuluş DERELİ, Faculty Member of our Department, Assoc. Dr. Gökay NAR, Faculty Member of the Department of Cardiology, Assoc. Dr. Gökhan ERSOY, Faculty Member of Istanbul University Institute of Forensic Medicine, and Dr. Volkan ZEYBEK, Faculty Member of CBU Department of Forensic Medicine took part. In addition, with the great support of PAU Distance Education Center Director Prof.Dr.Cüneyt Orhan KARA, Assistant Director Lecturer İlker VATANSEVER, the interactive training videos prepared before the course started were made available to the trainees with the facilities of our university and the learning quality was maximized. Participating young doctors not only had the chance to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the evaluation of cardiac deaths for two days, but also had the opportunity to get to know our beautiful city. At the end of this exhausting training, we were very happy to see that all of our guests left our city and our university extremely satisfied and we started planning the next trainings.

In addition to all our friends who contributed to the organization of the training, we would like to thank our university administration, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine, the Chief Physician and the Chief Directorate on behalf of the participants."

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