PAU Hospital Receives Second Prize in Research Competition and First Prize for Best Oral Presentation


PAU Hospital PTR Department received the second prize in the research competition and the first prize in the best oral presentation with their study.

PAU Hospital Department of PTR was awarded the second prize in the "Çubukçu Research Competition" at the 53rd Traditional Çubukçu Days held on November 25, 2022 with the study titled "The effectiveness of transcutaneous and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation in women with urinary incontinence". Specialist Dr. Rafet Sönmez and his thesis advisor Prof. Dr. Necmettin Yıldız (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PTR) Faculty Member) stated that they also received the first prize for the best oral presentation at the 27th International Participatory PTR Congress held in 2019 with the unpublished version of this study published in the Q1 journal (Ann Phys Rehabil Med).

They expressed that they were happy to receive this award after three years, they were honored to receive the fruits of their work, they were honored by the award and they were proud to be a part of PAU Faculty of Medicine and Department of PTR and they stated that they will continue their studies.

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