Pamukkale University Hosts Medicine Professors, Peers of the Republic


Organized by Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Medicine for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, the event titled '100 Years of Medicine Experience' was held at PAU Hasan Kasapoğlu Cultural Center.

Dean Özdel "The Republic of Turkey has been one of the first few countries in the world where health services are represented at the ministerial level."

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Osman İsmail Özdel stated the following in his speech: "One of the most important events in the Republic of Turkey in terms of health history is undoubtedly the establishment of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey was established in accordance with Law No. 3, which entered into force on May 2, 1920, one day before the establishment of the first T.B.M.M. government headed by Atatürk. Thus, the Republic of Turkey became one of the first few countries in the world where health services were represented at the ministerial level. Along with the establishment of the Ministry of Health, the regulation of medical education in universities with modern norms, the training of our first professors with professors from Germany and the organization of trainings are the milestones of the point we have reached today. 

First and foremost, the great Atatürk set in motion the ethical principle of "Keeping our nation safe and secure is one of our main goals, as well as taking care of its health and finding solutions to our social sufferings to the extent of our means is one of the general duties of our government" and built the walls of today's 100 years of accumulation and realized the existence of our health army. Our sainted professors, who are here before you now, are the building blocks of this existence and are the most important reasons for our presence here today. I kiss the hands of each and every one of them with gratitude and thanks. I would like to express my deepest thanks to them for supporting us in this event and most importantly for being role models for us. My greatest gratitude and appreciation is of course to the great Atatürk. Dear Atatürk, we promise that the Republic you founded will last forever, rest in peace, may your soul rest in peace. Happy centennial of our Republic!"

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