Pamukkale University Department of Emergency Medicine Achieves Another Success


PAU Hospital Emergency Medicine Department achieved a great success and was awarded the best oral presentation prize.

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. İbrahim TÜRKÇÜER, with the support of PAU Scientific Research Projects (BAP), the thesis study by Tarık GÖREN, one of the research assistants in Pamukkale University Emergency Medicine Department, titled "Investigation of Serum ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Level and ACE Gene Polymorphism in Patients with Viral Pneumonia Applying to the Emergency Service" at 18th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 9 th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress & 9 th International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress with the presentattion of Assoc. Dr. Atakan Yılmaz

In this congress, where hundreds of effective and competent scientists from five continents and 53 countries met with valuable members of the Emergency Medicine community in Turkey for this biggest scientific organization of the year, this study was selected as the first among 450 papers. It was also important for Pamukkale University Department of Emergency Medicine to receive this valuable award at the congress gala night held on October 29, 2022, when we entered the 100th anniversary of our Republic. This valuable award was given to Assoc. Dr. Atakan YILMAZ by ATUDER chairman of the board Prof. Dr. Başar CANDER and world-renowned cardiologist Prof. Dr. Josep BRUGADA (who found the cause of the young sudden death and defined Brugada Syndrome and was named after him) with great honor.

Receiving such a beautiful and important prize on behalf of Pamukkale University had a great impact.

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Murat ÖZBAN expressed his congratulations and thanks for the successful work.

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