Organ Transplant Week Event Started at PAU Hospital


Organ Transplant Week Event was started with the stand opened at the entrance of PAU Hospital Polyclinic.

03-09 November is celebrated as Organ Donation Week in our country. Organ transplantation is the treatment of the patient by replacing the organs that are damaged so much that they cannot function due to incurable diseases, by replacing the organs with a healthy organ from a living donor or cadaver that will perform the same function. The number of patients waiting for organ transplantation in our country is increasing day by day. Many people, themselves or their relatives, loved ones, spouses, children, parents are waiting for “life” on the extended organ transplant waiting list and die while waiting for a donated organ. A donated organ is a true gift of life after a successful transplant. Unfortunately, people realize the importance of organ donation only when they become an organ recipient.

PAU Hospital Chief Physician and Organ Transplant Center Director Prof. Dr. Murat Özban said, “As a society, we should be sensitive to the issue of organ donation, and we should not forget that diseases that require organ transplantation can happen to us and our loved ones at any time. It is in our hands to help others while we live and after life. It is our social responsibility to act sensitively on this issue."

Anyone who wants to donate organs can apply to our stand, which will remain open for two days, or to the Organ Donation Unit of our Hospital.

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