May 12, 2023 Nursing Week Press Release


Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Sevgi Özkan published a message on the occasion of May 12 Nurses Day.

"Since 1954 in the world and 1964 in our country, May 12 has been celebrated as "Nurses Day" and activities are organized within the scope of the nursing week on May 12-18. Nursing is a professional vocation that has an indispensable place in the protection, development and rehabilitation of individual, family and community health. In all events and disasters that negatively affect public health, nurses have been at the forefront and have carried out their duties with devotion and courage.

The earthquakes that affected 11 provinces in our country on February 6, 2023, centered on Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık and Elbistan, shook us all deeply. Tens of thousands of people, including nurses and nursing students, lost their lives due to the earthquake disaster. As stated by the International Nurses Association, nurses should have the knowledge and skills related to disaster preparedness, disaster care planning, response and rehabilitation processes. In these days when we are united as a society, we have witnessed the heroic stories of our nurse colleagues with these knowledge and skills. Not only the nurses in the earthquake region, but also the nurses across the country voluntarily went to the disaster area urgently and helped to heal the wounds.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has set the new theme for Nurses' Day in 2023 as "Our Nurses, Our Future". With this theme, ICN aims to put forward actions that will increase the dignity and value of nurses. It also emphasized that we need to strengthen our health systems to support nurses and meet increasing global health demands. The disasters we have faced in recent years show that nurses should take an active role in the development of health policies as well as patient care.

As the Faculty of Health Sciences, we continue our education processes to ensure that our students develop leadership and creativity and become nurses who are committed to professional principles.

On the occasion of the nursing week, we share the pain of everyone affected by the earthquake, and we respectfully remember our colleagues, students and all citizens we lost due to the earthquake."

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