'Denizli Studies Repertoire and Roadmap' Panel was Held

In the panel organized by Pamukkale University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences History Department within the framework of Pamukkale University 30 Years 30 Theme Activities, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Prof. Dr. Yasemin Beyazit took part as a panel chair; Head of the History Department Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Ünal, faculty members of the History Department Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Balik, Prof. Dr. Ercan Haytoglu, Dr. Gülseren Mutlu participated as panelists.

Prof. Dr. Beyazıt: “The history and culture of Denizli has been the subject of dozens of books, hundreds of articles and papers.”

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Beyazıt, in her opening speech, stated the following: “Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which turned into an independent faculty last July while it was within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has a significant potential in terms of research and education with 12 departments, 153 academic staff and 5000 students. Our departments look for and discuss the traces of language, history, culture, art and thought in rock paintings, sarcophagi, manuscripts, archival documents, poems, novels, embroidery, melodies, oral culture and more. Our faculty has an important and widespread influence with its archaeological excavations, surface surveys, TÜBİTAK projects, its deep-rooted relations with the Turkish world, and its studies on national and international issues and platforms. Our fields of work range from Turkistan to England, from France to Yemen, from Jerusalem to Der-Saadet. Our archaeological excavations continue in Laodicea, Stratoniekia, Tripolis, Tabae, Sillion and Olympos. In addition to these national and international studies, our university sees it as a duty to contribute to local history and culture. In Halil İnalcık's words, it is not possible to reach general history and compositions without local history. Denizli's history and culture has been the subject of dozens of books, hundreds of articles and papers. Numerous symposiums have been organized by and with the support of our university. While Denizli was examined as a whole in some of these, the history and culture of the districts were discussed in some of them. In this field, our faculty made a significant contribution to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of our university. With the support of our history department from disciplines such as archeology, art history and sociology, the Denizli Studies Repertoire and Roadmap book, consisting of 30 articles, was created with the support of Pamukkale Municipality as a gift to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of our university. I would like to express our gratitude to Pamukkale Municipality and Mayor Avni Örki. In this book, Denizli Studies were evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively, and after that, a guidebook for Denizli studies was created by trying to draw a roadmap for researchers.”

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