Civril Career Days Held

Pamukkale University Faculty of Applied Sciences and Çivril Atasay Kamer Vocational School (MYO) organized the "Çivril Career Days" event together.

On the first day of the event, Veritas Tekstil Co. R&D Manager Mustafa Soylu, Mercan Chemistry Co. Deputy General Manager Tolga Duran, Askon Demir Çelik Co. Deputy General Manager Murat Özdemir shared their experiences and important recommendations with the students. On the second day of the event, Denizli İŞKUR Job and Vocational Advisor Dönay Şanlıalp and Taner Beter gave information about professional CV preparation techniques, effective use of job search networks, and interview simulations.

Mustafa SOYLU made his presentation themed "Discover Yourself in Business Life". In his presentation, he emphasized how important the R&D department is for production and export. Soylu, who has carried his success in business life to writing, first gave important messages for young people to discover themselves.

Tolga Duran made his presentation themed "Expectations of the Business World and Digitalization". In his presentation, he stated that the young people of the business world are primarily expected to be moral, hardworking and willing to learn, and that it is important for them to be open to development at every stage of their working life and advised them to have the knowledge brought by the digital world.

Murat Özdemir made his presentation on "Entrepreneurship and Change Management in the Business World". In his presentation, he shared lifelong tips for our students about the definition of entrepreneur, key elements of entrepreneurship, value creation in the focus of differentiation and transformation management.

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