Chest Pain in Children Not to Be Ignored


16-year-old Efe A., who was admitted to PAU Hospitals Department of Pediatric Cardiology with the complaint of chest pain, was diagnosed with a giant aneurysm (bubble) in the vessels that feed the heart (coronary artery) and myocardial infarction due to Kawasaki disease. The young boy was brought back to life with the successful intervention by PAU Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department Head Prof. Dr. Ahmet Baltalarli.

Diagnosis and timely treatment of the disease is very important.

Department Head of Pediatric Cardiology Prof. Dr. Dolunay Gürses stated that the complaint of chest pain in young children should be evaluated carefully, Kawasaki disease in childhood can lead to acute coronary syndrome in the youth years and made important explanations about the disease: "It is a vascular inflammation with redness in the eyes, swelling in the neck, sores in the lips and mouth. Diagnosis and timely treatment of the disease is very important. If the disease is not recognized and treated appropriately, coronary aneurysms may develop and lead to coronary artery disease in young adults. Our patient also had a history of persistent and long-lasting fever in childhood. Our patient, who had a giant coronary aneurysm and complete occlusion of the coronary artery in his evaluation in our clinic, was successfully operated by cardiovascular surgery and regained his health."

Prof. Dr. Gürses stated that coronary infarctions can develop in children as well and this situation will not always result in a satisfactory manner; stressed that chest pain complaints in children should not be neglected.
Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Selçuk Yüksel stated that diseases that are considered incurable in children are beginning to be seen more frequently today, and that PAU Hospitals, which have sufficient specialists and faculty members, have become increasingly important in such cases in recent years, and that they are honored both on behalf of themselves and on behalf of faculty members for the developments in being a center for solving problems.

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