BIGCELL: TUBITAK University-Industry Cooperation Project with PAU and TURKCELL Partnership


“BIGCELL – Big Data Analysis for Mobile Communication Systems” Project coordinated by Pamukkale University Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Serdar İplikçi was deemed worthy of support within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1505 University-Industry Cooperation Program. The project will be carried out by Pamukkale University for TURKCELL Technology Research and Development Inc..

Prof. Dr. Serdar İplikçi stated the following about the project they carried out with his team: “Within the scope of this project, a large amount of alarm data collected from the fields served by Turkcell will be analyzed for use in predictive maintenance. For this purpose, the alarm patterns in these data and the relational rules between them will be found and the data will be interpreted. Thus, service quality will be increased while maintenance costs will be minimized. For this analysis, the most up-to-date data mining algorithms and techniques as well as big data technologies will be used and national knowledge will be contributed in this regard. In the project team, besides the project coordinator, two faculty members from PAU work as researchers and two graduate students as scholarship holders. The project will take place on servers with high performance computing power funded by TUBITAK and located in PAU Computer Engineering Department.”

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