PAU Academician is Guest Speaker in the Seminar Organized by Ministry of National Education


Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education faculty member Prof. Dr. Turan Paker held an online seminar for English teachers serving across the country.

Drawing attention to what children have learned by watching television programs, computer games and movies from the internet since the day they were born, Prof. Dr. Paker said: “It is obvious that the language is not learned today just by reading and repeating the sentences in the books. For this reason, the teacher can bring English speakers to the classroom in their natural environment thanks to the movies. Especially English subtitled films are excellent tools to provide contextual input and contextual learning. The teacher should prepare the lesson plan and the materials based on the follow-up according to the relevant subject, present it, practise the students and provide individual feedback in accordance with their production.”