Heimlich Maneuver Can Save Life


The Heimlich maneuver, which has recently been on the agenda, has been described by US physician Henry Heimlich in the 1970s. With this maneuver, it is aimed to remove the foreign bodies escaping to the respiratory tract and to save the patient's life.

In his statement, Pamukkale University Department of Emergency Medicine Dr. Murat SEYİT, drew attention to the Heimlich maneuver which is one of the important applications of first aid. It is vital that this first aid maneuver is known to health workers, parents, teachers and even everyone if possible, just as the basic life support is known. When there is a person with a foreign body escaping to the respiratory tract, the person may cough, breathe and talk if there is no complete blockage. This person is encouraged to cough. If no foreign body is seen in the mouth, the foreign body in the mouth will not be tried to be taken out with the finger. This may cause the foreign object to be pushed further down. If the foreign object is visible and can be removed, it is removed. If complete obstruction has occurred, one cannot breathe, is in a state of panic, puts his hands on his neck and cannot speak; starts to bruise. In this case, the Heimlich maneuver is applied. In the meantime, 112 Emergency Services are asked for help. To practise the Heimlich maneuver, the person stands behind.   The thumb of one hand is placed just below the person's rib cage with a fist and grasped with the other hand. The first aider strongly pulls punch hand, inwards and upwards 5-6 times  towards you and the body is tried to remove from the trachea. If the person is unconscious, basic life support is started. Infants are grasped by the jaw, laid on one arm on the face, the same arm is placed on the knee, leaning forward, then the center of the two scapula is hit hard like sweeping five or six times. An important aspect is what one should do when he or she is alone and develops complete congestion. In this case, one should immediately press himself or herself by leaning forward three fingers over the navel onto the hard corner such as a chair, seat corner without losing any time when s/he is conscious.

The patient, who is unconscious, has no pulse, is quickly placed on a hard surface and basic life support, that is, cardiac massage is applied. Foreign body going down the trachea or a person's heart arrest can be a condition that can be encountered in normal life at any time; It should be remembered that one's life can be saved without the need for any auxiliary means, such as the Heimlich maneuver and basic life support.