General Director of State Theaters Tamer Karadağlı Becomes a Guest at EGEKAF 24 Hosted by PAU


EGEKAF 24, hosted by Pamukkale University (PAU) under the coordination of the Presidential Human Resources Office, was the center of attention of students and graduates on its second day.

Another of the career interview events held on the second day of EGEKAF 24 was the interview titled "Do You Have the Courage to Change?" with Tamer Karadağlı, General Director of State Theaters. In the interview, which started by talking about his student life and career life, Tamer Karadağlı also answered the questions of the students.

Karadağlı: "It is very important to change. It is very important to keep up with the times."

Artist, General Director of State Theaters Tamer Karadağlı stated the following in his speech: "I am glad I came, it was a great morale boost for me. You are also very welcome. I am normally used to speaking in front of such crowds, but there is such a beautiful crowd that I am excited in front of you. I congratulate Pamukkale University, they have done a great job. I just walked around the fairground a little bit, it really makes you proud. I sincerely congratulate you, it's really great. We will get into the question and answer session soon. Ask me what you are curious about, especially about career, and I will answer you with all my sincerity and honesty. Our title was: "Do you have the courage to change?" This is a really important thing, because it is very important to change. It is very important to keep up with the times. You are such a lucky generation now that the world is so small. Thanks to the internet, you can access so much information so quickly that this is a great advantage. 

When I think about my youth, my childhood, we had nothing. So you are very lucky. We are actually trying to change. Now, we and my generation are also asking this question to themselves: 'Will we be able to change? Will we be able to keep up with the times?" Because this is something that really requires courage and it is very challenging to dare. I have had so many ups and downs in my career because you know me from the TV series. But there was a time before that: I studied acting for four years, I finished it. Before that, I went to college, TED Ankara College, now it's called TED. I came from America in 1975. I was nine years old when I enrolled in Ankara College. I decided to become an actor at a very young age. The reason is this: My friends had already decided what they wanted to be when they were in the middle school, in high school. I couldn't make up my mind. I thought I should at least be an actor, I could play many professions. Then I thought I could meet beautiful girls. Then I joined the theater group at school and I enjoyed it very much. I decided to carry this enjoyment to my professional life. I started my professional life after receiving a very demanding education. I had to make decisions all the time. I constantly had to make a choice. You will experience the same thing. You will constantly make choices and decisions. You will take initiative. Remember that you are all the architects of your own life. 

You will decide what kind of life you want to live. Everything starts with dreaming. If I hadn't imagined what I am today, I would never have been able to live. I'm not talking about the general management part, but the acting part. The general management part was not something I ever dreamed of. It caused a change in my life. And I dared to do it because it is really hard to enter the bureaucracy at the age of fifty because I struggled in the free market for thirty-five years."

Karadağlı: "I got somewhere mostly thanks to my failures."

"I had more failures than successes. I got somewhere mostly thanks to my failures. Being successful all the time doesn't get you anywhere. Your failures get you somewhere. Because you learn to struggle. Unfortunately, you cannot climb the stairs of success with your hands in your pockets... You need to get dirty between your fingernails. And I really got very dirty between my fingernails. Just when I thought I was going to be comfortable, I had reached a certain age, I had nothing to prove, a new struggle began. This time I became the General Director of the State Theaters. I have been working day and night for six months. I am very tired, but it is an incredibly pleasant tiredness."

After the event, Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, together with Tamer Karadağlı, visited Hasan Kasapoğlu Cultural Center on the campus of PAU, where the Denizli performances of the State Theaters take place, and gave information about the Center.

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