Rector Bağ: “A Good Physician is a Good Person First”


Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağ pointed out that physicians' profession occupies humanitarian responsibilities while celebrating the feast of healthcare workers in his message about “March 14th, Medical Day”.

While great importance was given to the science of medicine in the Ottoman period, many methods used in that period are today to establish the foundations of modern medicine. Both medical methods, Darüşşifas, and medical scholars shed light on the development of the medical world, especially Ibn-i Sina, who was accepted as the leader of modern medicine in the Middle Ages. The establishment of the Tıphane-i Amire and Cerrahhane-i Amire schools (medical schools) on March 14, 1827 and the start of modern medical education are celebrated as “March 14th Medical Day” in our country.

Medical science has great responsibilities as a direct people-oriented profession. Our physicians and healthcare professionals who carry out this human-centered profession, regardless of religion, language, race, combine their medical knowledge and experience with conscientious responsibilities, rigor and ethical behavior. For this reason, a good physician is primarily a good person.

With all these feelings and thoughts, I wish them success in their duties while celebrating the "March 14th, Medical Day" of the entire medical community, who are a member of Pamukkale University family, especially our healthcare professionals, in our province and in our country.