PAU Takes Necessary Measures Against Corona Threat


Pamukkale University (PAU) has taken the necessary precautions all over the university shortly after the emergency in China, against the coronavirus (Covid-19), which spread rapidly to other countries.

Banners prepared for the proper cleaning of hands within the scope of the measures taken against coronavirus, transmitted through contact and respiration and which is described as “pandemic” by the World Health Organization, were hung on the corridors, boards and toilets in all buildings. All scientific and social events organized within the university were canceled until the beginning of April.

In addition, disinfection works have been initiated in all buildings, especially in public buildings such as administrative units, classrooms, libraries, laboratories, conference rooms, corridors, stairs in Pamukkale University buildings.

In the works carried out by PAU Administrative Financial Affairs Department, the fully equipped teams carried out disinfection with special solutions especially in the areas where students and staff are located in groups and in the academic and administrative units in all buildings.